Andy Demczuk was born in Oceanside, California. He studied at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood concentrating on guitar performance. He then moved to the French Alps, where he led international volunteers in art and music workshops facilitating intercultural collaborations. Andy writes fiction, poetry, and music, and pursues studio arts, using acrylic and multimedia, video, and sound design. He is currently a Graduate Assistant in the MA in English program at ETSU – Johnson City, TN.  

If interested in purchasing any artworks contact:

Good Naked Gallery

or if using Instagram DM @good_naked


Stories and other publications:

"Ekphrasis at le Swamp" — The Ekphrastic Review

"Thanks to Loud Music!" — Good Naked Gallery


"Mole People" — Cobra Milk

Coloratura — Locate Arts

Featured Artist — Good Naked Gallery

"Worse Artists Better Spreads" — Gallery 1010

"Telephonophobia" — The Penmen Review

"The Night" — BTR Today


andydemczuk (at) gmail (dot) com