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Frog Game Show

Change your battery with friction 

Turn on your mind’s eco mode

"No solar in this prime farmland" 

The sun follows you to watch you croak 


Frogs in suits; riveting gameshow of white noise 

the biggest pond in the world 

star decay radiation chatter box

tubes blowing in the wind 

gusts so frosty the mossiest moss moseying down the channel 


Tune in to the best you’ll ever see 

we’re all waiting for it

Satisfy your sensorial sensation


inside the most impressive remake 

of the book you never wrote

(the book you'll never make)

sing-a-long all day long to the songs

 that wronged you, three-prong frogged you like a devil toad


(T’was some night all right) 

I’m sure I could do something to make the room feel swinging again 

like midnight love (like midnight love)

the greatness in the loopty loop 

of human comedic timing 

from blurbs to blobs 


Satisfy your sensorial sensation

doing your most impressive remake

of the book you never wrote (the book you never wrote)

Sing all day long to the songs

of the book you never wrote

that was some night alright


the sonnet goes on rhyming 

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