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The minute passes—

shadow behind the glasses 

towering so far away now 

here again like yesterday 

I want to go 

up and over to the next dream 

I had yesterday 

back and up and over 

to the next dream. 


Life is here and now 

on the dot like the ticking 

minute passes—rhythm pulses 

to yesteryears burnt up 

and melted away. 


Yes I seek 



destroy, destroy,

the memory 

of a memory 


in a box. 

There it is closing now 

the bottom flipping down. 

and flap it drops, hey, 

I wanted that. 

Last time I checked I was alive. 

But when I last checked, well,

I was conscious, so how would I know if I was truly alive? 

I think only a few hours ago now was when I fell asleep. 

I’ll never see that same river twice

not even in my own mind, so close to me ah yet so far. 


The music is still resounding in a deep cave 

some recess full of sounds

that glow that radiates 

a voidious void. 

Practicalize my light into use.

Mind—are you there?—yes?—do something memorable won’t you?


I wish I could, but every utter-trance

trances me to sentences 

full of traces dance.

Blips and blips underwent 

and glitched, 

swimming full of spacers 

spinning down the stairs, 

down, down the caterpillar’s spine.

Patterns of the blood moon sunflares. The grind.


Being inside this thought within this persona within this dream within this brain within this body within this bed within. . .ah . . . being outside this thought outside this persona outside this dream outside this brain outside this body outside this bed outside . . . ah . . . being next to this thought next to this persona next to this dream next to this brain next to this body next to this bed next to. . . ah . . . being opposite this thought opposite this persona opposite this dream opposite this brain opposite this body opposite this bed opposite. . . ah . . . being nowhere in this thought nowhere in this persona nowhere in this dream nowhere in this brain nowhere in this body nowhere in this bed nowhere . . . ah . . . being everywhere in this thought  

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